Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This morning Darwin followed me up the stairs for the first time since his attack of vestibular disorder. When I left my study to return downstairs, he followed, as he always has. Although I walked close beside him, he still slipped because he walks diagonally to the left--the direction in which his head tilts--and continues to be unsteady.

He decided to sit down in the middle of the stairs. I wonder what's in a dog's mind at times like this. If he sits long enough, maybe something will change? (Been there, done that.) Maybe the stairs will evolve into flat ground or he'll float to the landing at the bottom. Of course, he's really just thinking, "That didn't go well. I'll stop."

I tried some coaxing. Finally, I tugged on his collar and got him down the rest of the way by keeping one hand at his left shoulder and one on his collar, with high praise all the way.

The liver treat he received for making it to the main floor must have inspired him, for he followed me up the next time and we went through the same procedure to get down. This does mean he's getting stronger and his balance is improving. The people at the veterinary clinic would be cheering if they could see him.

But I see his whole life.

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  1. I think this means Darwin has started training you to give him liver treats for walking down the stairs! Get better, Darwin!

    Chloe the Airedale