Thursday, July 9, 2009

Super simple stripping

We pet owners are always searching for grooming tips for our Airedales. Few of us have the time or stamina to keep our dogs hand-stripped. I've always used a combination, stripping out the undercoat before clipping, in an effort to preserve the rough texture and black and tan color. An Airedale without a dark undercoat can end up looking more grey and blond after years of clipping. A friend put me on to this extra-easy stripping knife:

It's the easiest one I've used for undercoat because it works like a comb. You don't need to tire out your wrist and thumb with this one, though you still need to hold the skin taut with one hand while wielding the knife with the other. Hold the knife at an angle so that the teeth are not perpendicular to the dog's skin and comb through with short strokes. As with all stripping knives, dull the tips of the teeth by filing the knife across a rock or concrete before you use it on the dog for the first time.

Fuzzy undercoat. This gets dirt and dander out, too.

If you are a lifelong amateur like me, your method isn't always elegant. The point, however, is not to do this like a pro but to keep your Airedale looking totally cute and/or gorgeous.

And happy.


  1. oue mum say, can you please save the strippings and send to po box 8, Geelong, VIC 3220, Australia and she will send you something in return if you supply your mailing details. Our mum is addicted t Airefuzz and wants to desperately get her hands on any from anywhere...

  2. You are one handsome boy, Miro! Your mom did an awesome job stripping you!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Sherry, Where can I buy one of those? Or at least what brand and maybe I can look it up on the internet?
    and Bentley

  4. Inky and Molly, is the fur for knitting or some other craft? Does it matter if the fuzz and fur is from dirty doggies? There seems to be no way to contact you other than here. I'll let some fur accumulate and send it along.

  5. A very handsome chap now.

    Molly and Taffy