Sunday, September 20, 2009

Miro goes to market

It wasn't his first time at the Sunday Farmers' Market but the first time I took him without someone else to hang onto him while I did the shopping. Lots of dogs there today--a Husky, a lab-collie mix with a high-pitched bark, a Wire-haired Dachshund, miscellaneous fluffy white dogs and--taa-daaah--a charming Welsh terrier named Dreamer. Only 18 months old, she was very mellow. Her person said they used to have an Airedale but "downsized" after the dog died at 13 and they moved to a smaller place. Naturally enough, several people asked if the two dogs were the same breed or puppy and adult.

Miro was very well-behaved. For him. Although he pulled a lot, he collected his little, tiny brain and stopped pulling for ten seconds each time I told him to. Sometimes when I stopped, he sat without my having to tell him. Victory! I even managed to buy vegetables and a bouquet of flowers. Peppers, Japanese eggplant, beets and green beans are roasting (coat lightly with olive oil, bake at 400 F for about 45 min., stirring occasionally) as I type.

To get Miro's attention away from other dogs, not to mention any nose-level fruit and vegetables, I lured him with green beans. They're an Airedale favorite.


  1. You look so cute sniffing your mom's flower bouquet, Miro!
    We love green beans too! Yummmmmmmm

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Miro is getting so big. Almost looks like an adult 'dale. Wish we had a market like that here that Bentley and I could go visit. Nice picture with the pretty flowers.

  3. AWWW...what a sweet boy! The crew here goes for baby carrots. It's what's for dessert every night!

  4. Extra cool pic of you and the flowers. I like to sniff 'em too!

    ps-(from Cassie the human) If I ever get over to Seattle this Fall, it would be fun to get together. Will let you know if it happens. Time is flying by so quickly.