Monday, November 23, 2009

Barf war

I was running an eye (or two) down the subject list of my email and saw one that said "Thanksgiving turkey in half the time." My first thought was that somebody was writing in about their Airedale stealing and eating half a turkey, quickly.

My impression was probably due to the fact that that morning, just as I started reviving with a first sip of coffee, Alanis barfed on the dining room carpet and Miro roared in with the force of a rhinoceros to knock her out of the way and devour the mostly intact, if slimy, kibble. Some blasphemy ensued as I wrestled Miro away from the prize and poured half a bottle of Nature's Miracle on it. Woke me right up, that did.

After much scrubbing and blotting, I left it to dry and gave the carpet no further thought. A day or so later, when vacuuming up the latest pile of broken bits, I noticed the barf-patch was scored with claw marks as if somebody had been digging for the last bits of regurgitated kibble. An Airedale never gives up.


  1. Sloppy seconds is the best, isn't it, Miro?!

    Yer friend,

    P.S. Mom says thank you so much for the early morning chuckles!

  2. Hi Hi Miro,

    Me me is Jaffaman. Nice to meet meet you!! I second what Mitchy said said..hehe...

    Landshark bites,