Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alanis' Amazing Ability

GLAP GLAP GULP. When Miró drinks water, he not only sloshes over the sides of the bowl and gets his beard drippy wet, he also walks away with water dribbling out of his mouth and across the floor. His stomach tells his brain when it has enough water and the brain says to the feet, ”Step away from the bowl,” but there’s no neural pathway to remind the mouth and throat to swallow the remaining water. This is typical Airedale behavior.

The other day my son remarked on Alanis’ ability to keep her beard out of the water when she drinks. The sound she makes is even dainty, a glip glip glip.

I said, “That’s not all. When the dogs play outside, I have to wash the mud off Miró’s feet. Alanis has been running in the same areas but her feet are clean.” A few weeks earlier when I bathed her at the do-it-yourself doggie wash salon, I expected torrents of dirt to wash down the drain because she hadn’t had a bath in months. She likes to scuff through the leaves and let the cedar branches scratch her back—plenty of dirt there. But no dirt on Alanis. The soapy water ran clean.

Teflon ® dog?

No bath, please.


  1. I wish all my dales were more like Alanis. Lucy isnt too bad as she is a dale cross with straight fur and the dirt tends to fall off but the others.....arrrggghhhh

  2. This does not surprise us at all! Alanis is a girl - and beautiful Airegirls are very smart about everything!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Yep, girls drink nicer, but I get dirty, hehe!

    Nelly xx

  4. I like to dangle my beard in the water and clean the carpets..........


    I gulp water and do the same as Miro


    I prefer to stick my whole head in the water.


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  6. Gee Sherry, Don't know how I missed this one. BabyRocketDog is the biggest water slob there is!! We have tile floors and there is always a stream from her dish if we don't catch her right after drinking. Hootie oddly is the clean drinker!!