Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poop Pivots and a Paper Plug

Dog fanatics find their dogs’ toilet habits a subject of ongoing interest. You’ll find hundreds of posts about the topic on Airedale-L alone. Said habits are inextricably linked with newspapers.

Neither of my dogs can just poop when out for a walk. Alanis insists on 3 pee stops, then a poop stop, then a couple more pee squats, then a poop and finally squeezing out one last poop stop, the object being to use up to three plastic bags and stop as many times as possible.

Miró doesn’t always poop on walks. When he does need to, he walks slower and slower. We stop. He stands there as if thinking, “I know there was a reason for stopping. Now what was it? Wait, it’ll come to me. Hey, do I smell pee mail?”

Meanwhile I’m saying, “S**t or get off the pot, Miró. Let’s go. We’re out for exercise.”

He gets moving again, slows again. It’s either stop or drag him. He sniffs around. Here? No, not quite right. How about this spot? Close but no cigar. This, right here is good. He gets into his squat and starts pivoting like a compass, hind end swinging around depositing the load while his front feet dance in place. Fortunately, he requires only one plastic bag.

I use newspaper sleeves for doggie pick-up. I subscribe to the Seattle Times and the Sunday New York Times. Every person who walks her dog should subscribe to a newspaper. Newspapers not only provide breakfast table information (thereby benefitting your health by insuring that you eat breakfast), they also line parrot cages, soak up unfortunate messes, and arrive in useful plastic bags. They are instruments of visual, tactile and kinesthetic learning. Maybe I should start carrying around the Wall Street Journal; I’ll look smarter.


  1. We carry rolls of bin liners for poop collecting. We go through a few too as you can imagine with four dales.

  2. We all have our unique poop habits - haha! You guys sound pretty normal to us! The perfect spot is a MUST!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Maybe that is a boy thing what Miro is doing. Bentley does it too...

  4. Finni goes 5 times in the morning and a few times in the evening - NEVER in his garden though. After my breakfast (of which he usually has the last bit) I'm (noisily) being rushed to get the car out because he has to 'GO - NOW!'
    We found a place to walk where we don't need to scoop and can let nature take care of things.

    I'm also an avid 'poo-watcher' to make sure all's well :)

  5. What a great idea, Sherry! I throw out hundreds of newspaper "sleeves"! And I just spent $4.98 on real doggie poop bags. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    Mom to Penny & Patches

  6. I have never pooped outside my house!
    When I go out for my walkies I only leave one pee mail... and almost always, when we are a block away from my house, I start running... and my mom knows the meaning of that... time for a poo and as soon as I come into my house I go directly to the bathroom!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. I am so having an airdale when we get our next dog.....been looking at your older pictures lovely

  8. Thanks for stopping by. We trolled through a few of your posts and had to stop at this one. You're so right: humans who never discuss each other's "bathroom habits" find endless fascination in discussing ours. I, Jake, am much like Alanis. A two-bagger at least. And my goofy brother, Just Harry, is more like Miro -- it has to be the perfect stop which requires lots and lots of research!

    Hope you'll come by again! (Some of our best friends are 'dales!)

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry