Friday, September 17, 2010

Remembering better weather

We've had days of glum wet dark humid rainy weather, a promise of much more of the same to come. Miro and I are doing lots of "fetch" indoors while Alanis, not understanding the concept of running after a toy, much less bringing it back, stands in front of me wagging her tail. Miro gets praised for bringing the toy back--sometimes I don't even have to pry it out of his mouth!--and Alanis gets praised for standing there.

Here's the real reason for this post. I was recalling sunshine by looking at photos from a couple of weeks ago in Victoria's Butchart Gardens.
This is part of the sunken garden, a former quarry.

And Krispy Creme, the honorary Indus Airedale, in her "rub my belly" pose.


  1. Butchart Gardens looks like a lovely place to visit. I wonder, do they allow dogs to roam through there on a leash? It seems some countries, states have different restrictions regarding animal visits and just wondered.
    It has been a cloudy and gloomy few days here in New Hampshire and I forgot what it is like to have the sunshine so thanks for the reminder of what a sunny day looks like!

  2. Oh, the Butchart Gardens...our dream yard...Hahaha, gonna need a bigger staff, than just Wyatt and Stanzie!

    Wyatt's Mom

  3. That place is just gorgeous...wish I were there right now instead of in humid Houston. But I must confess, we do have sunshine. Lots- would share with you if I could figure out how. Have great weekend and don't bounce the ball too hard against the wall, might leave an indention. Now how would we know that? ;)

  4. Who is this Krispy poochie?? Cute too. Those photos of the Butchart Gardens are fabulous. Our folks haven't made it there yet. Every time they're in Seattle they just go where sissy takes them. Maybe they'll eventually get together with your mama and can go sight seeing.
    BabyRD & Hootie

  5. Butchart Gardens are just magnificent! Did you find any weeds? LOL