Thursday, July 7, 2011

The bee tree

Although the honeybee population has suffered a dangerous drop everywhere, you wouldn't know it when this tree is blooming. The entire tree buzzes and wafts a sweet perfume all over the yard, a smell I love even though it makes me sneeze the moment I step outside. I walk under the tree every time I go down to visit the chickens.
I'd say it smells like honeysuckle except that honeysuckle blossoms point up instead of down.

The blossoms have been withering and falling in the past few days, making a nice mess all over. In fact, whoever planted the trees in my back yard seemed to have an affinity for interesting trees that drop bits and pieces three seasons of the year.


  1. The blooms are beautiful. I love it!


  2. It's pretty.

    We have several on the hill in the upper portion of the yard. I call them the bee magnet trees. The bees swarm them in early spring.

  3. No bees here yet. Our flowers haven't bloomed that really attracts the bees. But I LOVE the butterfly bush scent. I understand the word 'heady' now.

    Beautiful at your house!

  4. Styrax trees aka Japanese snowbell are pretty, but messy!