Monday, August 15, 2011

Cute critters and chicken hiccups

Last week at the wildlife center's daily meeting, I heard about some tiny new animals who had just come in. I didn't realize until today, though, that there's a video and blog post about them right here.

Can chickens get hiccups? It seemed so the other day when Bran made sing-song wheezy noises punctuated by the occasional sneezy sound.


  1. How about that? Hiccups! Seems crazy and believable at the same time.
    I was thinking of you the other day....I spotted a house on my way to work with a chicken coop and chickens. Right down the street......Who knew????
    Violet and mom.

  2. Oh poor little chicken having the hiccups. Hope they have stoppped now!

  3. Is she an Americauna? One of mine does that sometimes.

  4. Oh, that poor chicken! I hope those hiccups didn't last too long! :(