Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Serving beer to under-aged drinkers--

--and hoping they won't live to feel the hangover in the morning.
I didn't have much of a slug problem this year until I planted microgreens for a fall crop. You'd think I'd planted the greens for the slimers alone.

That shows only a bit of the damage. Ordinarily I wouldn't waste good ale on slugs, but my son left a glass unfinished last night (20-something male? Unfinished glass of beer? Rare but it can happen). He was going to pour it down the drain. "No! Stop!" I pleaded, throwing myself at his feet. "Give it to the slugs; they haven't had a drink in years."

Actually, my attitude is more like Sleeping Beauty's stepmother with the apple. I dug the plastic bowl into the ground so that the lip is level with the dirt. Those mollusks will slip right in while going, "What is that heavenly and intoxicating smell? I must investigate." I expect to find some drowned slugs tomorrow but will spare you the graphics. Slugs are gross at any time and even worse when swimming in beer. But I will have my revenge!

Note: I came across this film, made in Oregon, of racing slugs. Especially enjoyable if you're into aliens and slime.


  1. I like that name for them...slimers. Will have to remember it.

    They can have all my beer/ale. Don't drink the stuff.

  2. So slugs are the culprits who have done the damage to the greens, I thought it was some kind of insects..ugh!

    Look for your book today..Amazon said it should be there on the 28th. xo

  3. That film was icky! YUK!
    We hope you catch all of the offending slimers!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. I've heard about using beer as a way to get rid of slugs. Seems like it could attract even more, if they're of the partying species.


  5. Helloooo Miss Sherry! You are one smart slug hunter. Mommy used to go night-crawler picking as a kid (for fishing) and says every once in awhile she'd grab a slug instead of a night-walker and it would creep her out. BOL. We hope you get lots of those slimer buggers!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and HOotie

  6. I wish I had seen this before I gave that beer away my son left while visiting this summer. I have slugs here too and they just gross me out terrible. I had forgotten all about the beer trick. Well anyway we are about done now with gardens so i hope to remember this for next year.