Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What you can't buy at the farmers market

This is post number 450!

You may have seen gift shop signs saying, "You break it; you buy it." While at the Sunday Lake Forest Park market, I thought of one for dogs: "You nose it; mom buys it." I was going to buy the blueberries anyway but told the lady at the booth exactly which box I wanted after Miro sniffed at it a little too closely.

He has a particular code of ethics. He doesn't see a problem with smearing his wet nose all over somebody else's food but he will not steal from a booth or even the ground. I have not tested this theory on meat or cheese! When I was buying green beans, which both my dogs like, Miro and I both noticed several that had fallen to the ground; but he did not eat a green bean until I gave him one I had purchased. Or is he just fastidious?

After I stowed the food in the car, we wandered over a bridge and to the creek that's right next to the shopping center where the market is held.
I am bored but sitting patiently.

People  like to stand and stare at things.
Practicing my camouflage ability.

Mom tried to hold the leash in one hand and keep the camera steady in the other while not getting her shoes wet. If I had pulled just a leeetle harder....


  1. Miro-
    That is nice that you get to go into the market. Most of our farmers markets have a no dog policy :(
    It makes me sad, cuz I like farmers and I like veggies!


  2. What great pictures, and what a good dog too!

  3. Great shots! Don't you just love going to the market and buying produce (that Milo sniffs, hehe!). Our late dog Bear would never take food, he would just lick it and then sit there staring. LOL!

  4. BOL! I see absoultly NOTHIN' wrong with smearin' my WEEEET snout allll over everythin'! And, if I can manage some slimy slobber, all the better! Peeps can be sooo picky.
    Looks like a pawsome good time Miro! If only you would have gone a little further into the creek, your Moms could have gotten a bath!



  5. That sure is thoughtful of Miro NOT to touch stuff in the store. That creek looks like a nice place for some exploring ... maybe a reward for being so good at the Farmer's Market?

  6. Nice of you to not pull your human into the water!

    Farmer's Markets are great for leaving nose prints over other people's food, aren't they?

  7. I'd love to go to farmer markets!
    Sure it is pawesome!
    And that walkie sure was grrreat!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Miro is so good to sit at the bridge and have the photo taken without running off. And also, how helpful to 'sniff' out the best of the produce at the market..good helper. xo

  9. Great dogs would love to play in a creek but we don't have any near us!

    And we really like your new saying..."You nose it; mom buys it"...that is pawesome!