Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maybe a name change

What? Morning already?
 Things get a little boring around here when it's all work and no play, as it has been for more than a week. There's nothing for it but to let the chickens maraude around the yard and stir up the fallen leaves.
Godzilla imitation.

Despite the shorter days, Bazooka kept laying a daily egg until just recently. She'll have a well-deserved rest for the winter. Bran and Muffin, in their second or third year--I can't keep track--stopped laying when they moulted last August. Edna is more of a free spirit, laying at irregular intervals, as Modern Game bantams are known to do.

Bazooka seems aptly named but I've been wondering if I should call her Blueberry for a while, in keeping with the baked goods theme.  I could go all-out with ChocolateChipOatmealCookie, but that seems ostentatious.
Some people claim that their chickens know their names the way dogs do. I disagree. Chickens know when their human comes out and makes noises that possibly indicate food. They dash up to people because they are naturally inquisitive--and learn that people bring food. But I guarantee that Bazooka would not get confused or offended if I change her name from an armor-piercing weapon  or brand of bubble gum to something more in keeping with chicken interests.
The difficulty is that I'd have to remember her new name. Maybe I should call her Half-Baked?

I just don't know if I'm coming or going anymore.


  1. BOL! That is so cute!! I vote for Blueberry. I see the blue irredecence in her feathers, beautifuls!


  2. I think Blueberry would be a fun name. My sister just got chickens but I haven't been to visit them yet. I can't wait. They sound like fun animals.
    from Hannah

  3. Whoa you have lots of chickens!! Hehe, you should totally call her Half-baked! :-D BOL! I'm Freckles by the way, I saw you listed on the Christmas card list and thought I'd stop by and say "Hi!" Have a great weekend!