Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just enough snow to be a bother

After much excited chatter and spreading of exaggerated rumors about the impending event, like a gossip-fest about a political scandal, it snowed on Thursday morning. The snow quickly turned to glop on the streets and a crust of ice everywhere else, where it remains. That's bad snow, enough to be a bother but not enough to justify making  chocolate chip cookies. For the past couple of mornings I've worn my hiking boots for traction when out walking Miro but have still curtailed the walks; it's too slippery.
Concentrating on a new installation, Miro has made good use of his increased indoor time. The medium he chose this time was a very thick cardboard cylinder from a box of Costco plastic wrap. These cylinders are many times thicker than the cardboard cores of toilet paper or paper towels, offering more scope for his skills.

Appropriately enough, he's calling it Snow Days.

He tends to lie on his work rather than stand back and let the viewer immerse herself in the experience of Torn Art, a movement representing the visceral impulses from which all great art springs.

Notice the winter-themed touches of color he has added with the chew bone and other items, representing perhaps the hopeful signs of life to be found beneath the snow. The vacuum cleaner visible in the upper right corner reminds us that snow, winter, and cardboard bits eventually pass away.

 Here Miro himself becomes an objet d'art, framed within elements of his arrangement.

Alanis checked out the work.
 Not all critics appreciate the artist's work. It was always thus.


  1. Lucky Miro, I happen to really Love those tubes. The humans here get a kick out of picking up all the

  2. Oh, Miro, the best artist were NEVER appreciated in their prime. Just wait a few days, and you too will see the oooo's and awwwwe's of your masterpiece. That is, if your Moms doesn't use the vaccula befores then....
    BTW: LOVE those tubes!! Oh, they are the bestest to chew on!

  3. Miro-
    I think your art is divine. It really speaks to me!


  4. Miro, you are destined to be a master. We just know it! :)

  5. We can't figure out why mommy is chuckling out loud while reading about Miró 's art work...He is surely a serious artist from what we can see. Texture. Color. Passion. Total Immersion. YUP, Miró is fab!!

    (We know what you mean about the 'fake' snow...not enough for real fun and just enough to get hurt. :( )
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & HOotie

    1. That's it! You totally understand DogArt!

  6. We love your work Miro! BOl!

    Come on - we all really need some REAL snow!


  7. Pawsome work, humans don't ever appreciate good works!