Saturday, February 23, 2013

Neighborhood watch

 Must keep an eye on all suspicious activity across the street. See that broken blind hanging down? I didn't really do that. Keeper, an Airedale before me, started it. I just kinda wriggled it. Can a dog help it if people make these things so fragile?

 UPS? Stop here! I will accept all packages.

Blast. He's driving away. I can't believe he didn't even drop off a cookie.
(Editor's note: The metal tray keeps a certain four-footed creature from sleeping on the couch. The pillows still manage to leap onto the carpet when I'm away.)


  1. Oh, you have the best sentry spot!! And, might I say your have a REALLY great Airedale profile!!! Oh, you should see what Ma did to me yesterday...oh, the trials of havin' an amateur cut your furs!!! Your Moms does a MUCH better job!

  2. Ruby is so right...a lovely Airedale profile and posture. Especially good for surveying your land!


  3. At least you can see out your windows and keep an eye out, Miro. Our mom has a curtain at the back door so we can't go through the window to get to the UPS man. She's such a killjoy!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  4. We also didn't put the hole in the front curtain...

  5. Yes, you have to keep an eye on that UPS man and the Fed Ex man too. "Just drop the package and get back in the truck!" That's my motto!


  6. The nerve of the UPS guy to NOT drop something off for you, Miro! what's up with that???