Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays to All!

Although I haven't been blogging, I'm happy to know that many of you are still here writing about your animals, adding love and beauty to a world that sorely needs them.


  1. Happy Holidays, Miro and Emily and to Miss Sherry too! You look so cute in your hats☺

  2. Happy holidays, dear pals. Even when you're not blogging often, you are always in our thoughts. :)

  3. HEY GUYS!!!! OMD, you look FABulous!!!! Very dapper, I must say....Ma really needs to work on her groomin' cause I NEVER looks as good as you guys!!! geesh. Anyhu, I hopes you guys have a most FABulously Merry Christmas with lots of love and non-Cheeto-head things ahead. ☺
    Ruby ♥