Monday, December 15, 2008

Verrrrry Cold

Along with most of the country, we're having unusually cold weather. It began Saturday night with snow falling on wet ground, rapidly turning to ice. A week's worth of temps ranging from 15 to 30 F is predicted, along with more snow. The chickens don't like it! Nobody does. The hens are spending much of the day inside their barn, which I've wrapped with a tarp to keep out drafts.

Then there's the water problem. The barn (a tiny coop shaped like a barn) is too small to put the waterer inside. I ransacked the garage today searching for the heated waterer I used to have but it seems to have disappeared in one of my several moves over the last 8 yrs. Guess I'll be checking the water several times a day.

Like most Airedales, Alanis frisked through the snow when she first saw it. Now it's ho-hum, just stuff on the ground. The stuff on the ground, however, is preventing us from taking our usual walks because I don't want to slip on the ice. People are just made wrong--dogs don't fall on ice.


  1. No walkies is no fun! We hope your weather warms a bit to melt this nasty ice so you can return to your normal routine, Alanis! Our mom is scared of falling on the ice too!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Those water heaters are great. We have one for our bird bath. In the depths of winter it's not unusual for us to find morning doves sitting in the water for an hour at a time, warming up their feet I guess. LOL

    Levi's mom

  3. Good luck with the continuing cold weather. We are having the coldest pre Christmas spell for many many years in UK, but nothing compared to the temperatures parts of the USA seem to be having.

    I feel the same as you, I am usually the first one down on the ice. Dogs are so lucky to have a leg in each corner!

  4. I hope it warms up soon. It is bone chilling cold where I live. They are predicting much of the same for the next 10 days.
    Love Ruby

  5. I was going to ask how the chickens fared in that weather, but it seems they are doing as well, or better, than some folks. When I heard of the weather up there, one of my first thoughts was that it sure wasn't chicken weather.

    - Jim