Sunday, December 20, 2009

The canine good citizen test

Miró is not a canine good citizen. Maybe he will be when he's too old to jump forward and chew on the examiner. Several of the other dogs failed the same two parts of the test: staying calm while being greeted and touched by the examiner and staying calm when the human greets a human and dog combo they've never encountered before. After the initial leaping around--while the other dog completely ignored him--he did sit, for which I gave much praise. I did a fabulous acting job.

Even Tubby (aka The Tubster) the bulldog was not at his best. For the summer and fall classes we've been in together I've watched him do perfect recalls. Yesterday he galloped straight past his person and toward the "stranger dog" who, at one command from his master, completely ignored Tubby and didn't move.

Miró was the only one who got so enthusiastic at greeting the examiner that he rolled onto his back and chewed on his leash. I think he used up all his good-boy tickets while waiting his turn at the test. In fact, I'm still waiting for him to issue some new good-boy tickets. Maybe next week.


  1. Awwwwww, you're still just a pup, Miro! You'll ace the test next time around! We just know it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. I have nothing but admiration for both of you. Miro will come through when you least expect it! After all, he's an Airedale!

  3. I was thinking about the CGC for Madison, just so she could "wear" her certification to our favorite dog park. Keep at it ... it's just a matter of getting past the silly puppy stage!

  4. Hi. I found your blog from the humananimal studies discussion list (which I just joined). I've enjoyed your posts. Keep trying with the CGC test--Miro will get it. The dog-dog greeting is a hard one. Especially for dogs with outgoing personalities. (I speak from experience. :D)

  5. Don't fret - sometimes two legged folks get confused about what's important and what's just FUN...

    You'll show 'em next time....Just time you've worked it perfectly more treats....


  6. You will get it right, Miro! We Aire-heads are just very social critters!

    Aire-hugs and Happy New Year!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  7. Haha! Did you seriously think that was gonna happen? We never liked that exercise either, hated it so much that we refused to cooperate until the pinkies finally resigned from puppy school (after 1.5 years of trying and keep failing at that same exercise).
    We then went onto home schooling...