Saturday, December 5, 2009

Miro takes up interior decoration

An almighty crashing, banging and clunking sent me running to the source where Miro had caught a foot in the lamp cord in the living room, yanked the plug from the wall, and dragged the lamp banging along behind him into the dining room and around the table, roping up Alanis' Coolaroo bed and several chairs. I threw myself on the dog and wrestled him down in order to unwrap the cord from his paw, whereupon he pranced away ready for more redecorating work. The lamp is a total goner. But I'm looking at the bright side: the chairs are OK, less a few scratches, and the china cabinet my grandfather made is intact. I guess Miro didn't like that particular lamp.

The noise woke Chilibelina the leopard gecko.


  1. We're sure that your mom would have moved the lamp to a different spot if you thought it would look better over there, Miro! All you had to do was ask!
    Thank doG the lamp didn't fall on you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. WOW everything must have happened so fast. I would have been scare to. With that thing taking a whole of my leg. O well the lamp needed moving any way.

  3. Miro, you remind us of Penny when she was young! One time, our dad was carving a roast with an electric knife. Penny ran by, got tangled in the cord and ran all the way outside to the other end of our deck with the whole knife following her all the way. Now, she leaves the room whenever someone gets that knife out.

    We're glad you didn't get hurt, Miro!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. Oh boy! Miro's antics remind me of Walker as a youngster. Every year at this time I remember the Walkman. His first Christmas (5 months old) involved getting tangled in the light cord on the tabletop Christmas tree (which I thought would be SAFE....silly me). The whole thing crashed to the floor, scared the bejesus out of him which meant he flew around the whole house dragging the tree and leaving a wake of broken decorations. That was 15 years ago and I haven't had glass ornaments since. Let's hope Miro will be satisfied with the lamp and not start eyeing any of the decorations you might put up.

  5. Miro is definitely a handful. I had forgotten how spastic the young ones can be till we decided to Miss Roux back in September when her new family didn't work out. It's always something, isn't it?!!! I think it keeps us young!

  6. Welp, interior decorating seems to be one of us Dales strong points! That artistic blood we have insists on coming our once in awhile. Good job Miro!!

    PS-We are in Seattle to surprise our hooman sissy for her birthday.Her hubby took her to JoeBar this morning and we were there to greet her. Boy was she shocked! She said,"You drove all the way here for me?!" Of course we adore her so of course we did.Will head back to Bonners Ferry tomorrow morning, otherwise we could meet up. Maybe next time.