Friday, March 4, 2011

A change of perspective

You know how you recognize people by their dogs, whether in training class or on the street: the lady with two Airedales; the couple with the really big, red Golden Retrievers; the rarely seen lady with two Corgis (in an area of less than 6 sq. blocks, there are three pairs of Corgis); the extremely slow-walking guy with the excitable white mop-dog. And so on. Shocking as it sounds, this morning I was thinking that dogs are not the only way to recognize people.

Even though they sometimes bring a dog to work, the guys from the athletic shoe store a few miles down the road might see differently. Think of them driving to work, glancing at the walkers, runners and bicyclists along the way. "There go the Brooks Defyance, size 8, nice and stable. Ah, that's my neutral Asics, size 9.5. Look at those Nikes! You hardly ever see ones that old still walking around, poor things. And there's tiny Pearl Izumi flying through the mud."

As for any dogs riding by with noses out the car window, their thoughts are much more complex.


  1. I love this. And I have to admit that I often remember dog names better then human names!!

  2. Wyatt sizes up people by are either a dog person or you are not! Got Dogs...I like you :)

    Wyatt's Mom

  3. Good post! Hootie isn't much of a deep thinker, but I(BRD) give much thought to the hoomans I come in contact with. If they come bearing tennis balls they're in like Flint!bol.

    Met a Weimeraner(sp) named Abby today. What a sweet thing she is.She was a rescue dog and her previous owner had her vocal chords cut so she can't bark.SO sad. Our friends who adopted her treat her like a little princess.

  4. My dog very seldom gets to go riding. She's old and has a hard time in the vehicle. word verification is CODOG right now.