Sunday, March 6, 2011

New residents!

First, find a small room

and clear the decks.

Chicken Salad and friends have relocated to a new home and here's what appears instead:

What is it?

Something is in that room!

I hear noises! Let me in!

Ah, now I see what's taken up residence in the guest bathroom. Let me just get my nose in there to check 'em out.

Two chicks are occupying the guest bathroom for the next couple of weeks. This is what guest bathrooms are really all about. They're small, easy to keep warm, free of drafts; and you can shut the door to keep chick dust in and big doggie noses out. When Miro tried to get his head right down into the box, I was afraid the heat lamp would burn him; but in typical Airedale fashion, he didn't notice the risk.

The chicks are a Buff Orpington and a Black Sex Link. That name is so weird that they're also dubbed Black Stars. Only a few days old, they require a temperature of 90 degrees F. for the next week.

What will my name be? Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Maewest?

She's talking about calling me Bazooka.


  1. I might get some soon. Haven't quite made up my mind. We are down to six hens and they lay when they want to.

  2. good pictures i didnt see before.....

  3. "Bazooka" is a nice name, and versatile, too. It has a feminine-sounding ending, but if the chick turns out to be male, you can say that it is short for "Bazooka Joe."

  4. Oh how cute your new residents are! Ninety degrees, whoa, that's a bit warm. Bet it's hard just listening to those peeps and not being able to get them.