Friday, April 22, 2011

The completely makeshift, almost operational chicken barrier

 Although we're having the coldest April on record, it was time to put the chicks outside during the day. To introduce new chickens into an existing flock, you let the two groups live for a while where they can see each other but not interact. Since I have only one chicken run, I made a barrier across one end and put the food and water dishes inside an old bird cage so that Bazooka and Maewest could feel more secure. (The pink thing is a food dish left in to give the chicks something to look at.)
They liked their new feeding station in the corner, protected by a tarp. In the evening, I brought them back to their box, now in the garage.

The older hens kept to their side for several days.

Until one day--
-- they couldn't resist finding out what was on the other side. They all hopped over to the little chicks' side and then, in the way of chickens, couldn't figure out how to get back to where they'd started. I had to take down part of the barrier and now they all play chicken, with the big ones chasing the little ones out because the little ones' food must be tastier--though it's the same stuff-- and then the little ones rushing back in when the big ones exit.

I hope they get used to each other soon.


  1. Pecking order established!
    We put out vegetable starts for a bit of sun, just like you put out little chicks!


  2. The thought of them going back and forth made me smile. :)