Saturday, July 14, 2012

Live stuffie society

The day after I decided not to spend the big $$ on toys Miró will tear apart, I happened to be standing right outside a pet supply store. Good time to buy training treats. Oops, something else found its way into the basket.

Both dogs like to lick peanut butter out of the rubber Kongs but otherwise don't play with them. Last year's Wubba with its ballistic nylon didn't have a chance, though the inner ball was a favorite until Miro killed it.
He's slowly shredding the rim of this bone, simply called the Ballistic. But, hey, it has lasted a whole week so far! I think it'll last for several more, expecially since the squeakers aren't loud and enticing and it's not as soft and furry as a true stuffie. When Miro was otherwise engaged, I offered the toy to Alanis. She took it, walked a few steps, and dropped it. She doesn't know what to do with toys.
The beginning of the end? Maybe I should take bets on how long it'll last.

Also serves as a pillow.


  1. Looks like Miro doesn't want anyone else to have his new toy even though he's not using it for what it was meant for! The last picture is adorable!
    I gave up buying chew toys for Daisy b/c she destroys them in minutes. The only things I give her now are Kongs filled w/peanut butter!

  2. We used to buy toys for the dogs at Goodwill, they were a great deal so it didn't break the bank when they would be 'done' with them. We soon gave up on that too, as Maggie became like a skilled surgeon and was able to do a "squeakyectomy" in seconds and I was left cleaning up the O.R. Ha! - Love the bottom sweet, one would never guess the truth, haha. xo

  3. A week is a long time!! (Ma here: Ruby's predesessor Annie - yes, and Airedale - use to kill stuffies in under 10 seconds! Really, I timed her! I use to buy dollar toys at Target when they use to have them so she could kill something weekly) Geesh, Ma, long winded or what!! ANYWAY, I, the Princess, only destuffs anything with hard centers, like rattles or noise boxes, etc. Otherwise, I'm not too bad! And, I have a HUGE toy box, yet I play with EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM ~ so Ma can never through any of them out OR I KNOW ABOUT IT! (really she does know if I touch her toys!)

  4. I'll give him a couple of weeks! Alanis sounds like Gloria, she doesn't know how to play with toys either!

  5. We have a purple bone that looks kinda like yours and ours has loose threads at the edges too, Miro. How the heck does this happen?

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Violet doesn't destuff toys and she loves a toy like the attached link. They make them in all kinds of animals,just stuff with a plastic bottle and then I watch her shake the bejesus out of it.

    Fun for her...Julie

  7. I wanted to let you know that I gave you a bloggie award!! Come on by and check it out!



  8. Miro looks so comfy with his toy for a pillow! He is precious!

  9. Wow, it's already made it one whole week? We bet Miro will eventually destroy it, but it's pretty tough if it's made it this far, huh? :)

  10. The only toy that we have found to be Airedale proof, is the tug toy made by Kong.(A ballistic fabric figure 8) We have several. They have survived one whole year of tugging, being buried under shrubs for several months and floating around the pond.