Saturday, August 4, 2012

Go Dog Go Festival

Let's go!
First raise the canopy.

Then add the stuff, including our special dog park packs. The park is called Jasper's after the Jack Russell who inspired the initial effort to create a park many years ago.

Anything to eat in there?

And then the dogs begin.

Some are very tiny.

A visitor from the English Bulldog Rescue table.

Dogs who help children read. They probably read, too, but don't let on.

So much to sniff, so short the leash, a busy Irish Terrier.

Representing the Hound Group at the Kirkland Parks Dept. table.

There were dog walks, freestyle dancing, frisbee throwing and flyball in the rings. 
And a few essential ingredients to bring home.

This is post number 440!


  1. Wow! That sure looks like it was loads of fun!! And look at that swag! SCORE!! So many cute and talented pups ~ bet you made lots of new friends!



  2. Love dog festivals because I love seeing all the different dog breeds and how they interact with each other, etc. I love seeing the competitions too! So glad you were able to go and also to be able to grab so many treats to take home to your dogs!
    Thanks for adding your 2 captions to my Silly Saturday Photo Caption Contest today! They were very funny!

  3. Wheee! What is not to love? Treats and games and friends!

  4. We love dog park fun and festivities! Oh course the extras coming home is a good thing too! BOL!

    Sorry to hear about MaeWest.

    And the recipe for frozen Kong delicacy looks delicious!

    Violet and Mom

  5. Congrats on post #440!! The dog festival looks like it was a great time and there were even bassets in attendance! :)