Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Airedale mind-meld

During a discussion about staring into space on Airedale-L, Terry in Seattle recalled  the way one of her 'dales would stand by the bed and stare if he had to go out during the night. She wrote, "Did you know that it is possible to awaken an adult human at 2:00AM in a pitch dark room simply by staring at him? How DO they do it?"

I  remember The So-Perfect Darwin doing the same thing. I'd float up from sleep, open my eyes, and there he'd be, staring intently from a few feet away, too far for the touch or smell of dog breath to have awakened me. It had to be the thought waves.
Who else has been awakened in the night by your dog staring at you, telling you he or she needs to go out?


  1. I have had some of our Airedales do just that, but some are stubborn and decide to leave me nice piles or puddles. I think my girls have done more staring and the boys more puddling.

  2. Oh yeah! Ma said her Irish Terrier Maggie did it too! I really don't have the patience ~ I'll just whine and wake Ma up. Easier that way! We Airedales are an odd breed.



  3. Angel Maggie loved to stare at mom in the middle of the night willing her to open her eyes and take her out. If mom didn't see her, she'd feel a nice cold squishy pile of you know what squeezing between her toes in the AM! How I miss my sissy!

    Love ya lots,

  4. Our cat Moosey does that every now and then. Of course, he just wants a snack. LOL

  5. Oh yes, but not silently! Stanzie jumps up on her hind legs and does a dance around the bed and Wyatt makes pitiful noises...It's hard to see the humor at 2 am.
    Wyatt's Mom
    The sleep deprived owner of 2 Airedales

  6. I probably would wake up from Fred staring at me but the whining in my face always wakes me up first! LOL!