Tuesday, April 16, 2013


People who take a non-human family member into their lives and hearts become familiar with the joy and grief of loving those whose lives are too short. With those experiences comes compassion for all others who endure sorrow.

"Many runners, clad in the blue and gold jackets given to this year’s marathoners, made pilgrimages to the blockade on Boyleston..." New York Times


  1. This is so horrible..My heart aches for those who are affected by this act of terror. I am struggling with anger over this too. This event is more like something that would happen in another part of the world.

    Take care my friend. xo

  2. :-( A beautiful expression for a senseless tragedy!

  3. There were so many acts of heroism following this act of cowardness. I find strength in that. And, pity the hollow heart(s) of those who did this.
    If only those humans could have the hearts of dogs....

  4. Thank you for this lovely sentiment, dear friend, as we all struggle to comprehend the senseless tragedy and loss that occurred on Monday.