Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The quest

One fine day when I let the chickens roam the yard, Edna the Modern Game bantam disappeared. When I rattled the treat dish, the signal that lures them back to the pen, she did not come. Had she flown over the fence, never to be seen again, like Zora? I hadn't heard a disturbance in the yard. I waited. An hour later when I shook the dish again, she emerged from the bushes making cranky squeaky noises, like a mom awakened too early saying, "Will you kids pipe down?"

I knew what she'd been up to. After locking the chickens in the pen, it was time to let out the hunting dogs.

Intrepid hound #1 didn't quite catch the idea of coursing through the undergrowth.
After the Mistress of Hounds (I've been reading English novels) cries, "Find it!" fearless hound #2 goes on the alert, listening for the faintest rustle in the wild wood.

Possibly in here.
A little deeper.
Boldly breaching the bushes with no thought of menacing wild boars.
Is the prize somewhere in the jungle? We're moving freely around the world from King Arthur's Britain (wild boars) to the jungles of Borneo where orangutans hide. It's an epic quest, worthy of post 500.

Ah ha!
The great hunter finds and consumes his prey. And totally blocks the camera.
The author hides one egg in plain sight for Alanis but has to remove it before Miro gets it. Most epic quests end with having to pick up the toys and put them away.


  1. Wow what an adventure these two had. Good for them for finding the egg too!

    It's kind of cool that you keep fowl. Err, I think that's what chickens are called :)

  2. Cool! Did she lay that egg in the flowers, or did you put it there for a lovely floral presentation?! Bol.

    Love the bright colors in your photos.
    WelshieHugs, Hootie

  3. We have never eaten a raw egg with shell before. You're making it look awfully yummy!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Okays, furst ~ that is one CRAZY lookin' cool chicken!! She looks just too cool for school!
    Second ~ YUMMERS!! Did you gets to eat the egg??!! Oh, that does sound yummy....
    Third ~ It almost looks like your Moms was gonna have to use your 'handle' to gets you out of the bushes!! hehehe
    Ma's had to pull me outs of the bushes a couple of times by the tail....I ALMOST got the mouse if she wouldn't have spoiled my funs!!!
    I hopes Alanis gots to eat her egg!!

    1. Ruby, Mom says that's exactly why terriers get their tails shortened--so they can be towed away from anything interesting. Hmph!
      Yr friend, Miro

  5. That is the best game ever! We are doing a nose work class...that would be a fun item to look for. It can't always be about cheese cubes and hotdogs :D
    We are glad that Edna is okay and just doing her thing!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  6. That was an epic quest, for sure! Would Miro try to eat the egg if you left it there?