Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crow kitchen

People like to dip their chips in sour cream & onion dip, salsa, or hummus. What does a crow do?

I saw him while standing at the sink at the kitchen window and took the photos from there. That's why you see a misty quality. (Dirty window? Of course not!) The bar is part of a railing.

Unfortunately, crows don't use the water only to dip crackers. I found a mess of white bird bones and cartilage. (As well as eating carrion, crows kill and eat other birds.) With much chirping and hopping, I got Miro's interested nose out of there and cleaned up the mess. Sadly for the crows, I replaced the standing water with a dish that I can clean and refill.

Darn it, I was just getting the seasoning right and she dumped it out. Typical human.
And for howls of derision, the video that plays normally on my computer plays like an off-kilter silent film here.


  1. I love the video, it is a treat to see the movement. This is fascinating to me to watch, crows are so smart.

    Hope you are having a nice weekend...this weather is great! xo

  2. Crows really are amazingly clever, aren't they? Thanks for sharing this, Sherry. It's really fascinating!

  3. Oh, the gif is Brilliant!!!
    Ma HATES crows...hates em'! She saw a murder of them 'murder' another cute burdie once a long time ago, and she hates on them ever since! I try to tell her 'the circle of life Ma...' butts she won't hear of it! She calls ME weird...
    Ruby ♥

  4. Crows are crazy smart. They scare me just a little. I think they have a grand plan...

    Wyatt's Mom

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