Saturday, April 27, 2013

Miro's Low Tech Start-Up

Friends, do you have a problem with guests overstaying their welcome?
Has your old college buddy taken up permanent residence on your couch? Or maybe Uncle Bob came to dinner and never left? Party guests still hanging around at three A.M.?

Then you need MirĂ³’s Room Clearing Service! Guaranteed to make your unwanted guests leave in five minutes or your money back!*
I accept cash, biscuits or jerky.

 Your consultant hard at work.
*Transportation costs are non-refundable.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Angry birds

This is to file an official complaint with the management.
A very bad dog vandalized my home this morning. (see below)
Here's the evidence.

 First, he apologized and said he was very ashamed of himself.
What's a girl to do?




Tuesday, April 16, 2013


People who take a non-human family member into their lives and hearts become familiar with the joy and grief of loving those whose lives are too short. With those experiences comes compassion for all others who endure sorrow.

"Many runners, clad in the blue and gold jackets given to this year’s marathoners, made pilgrimages to the blockade on Boyleston..." New York Times

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scented Saturday

Despite cold, stormy weather, flowers are blooming before the rain pounds them into droopy mush. This hyacinth bent under the weight of water.

 I started this daphne from a cutting years ago. A bad freeze during the winter killed most of its leaves. It looks like a stick with a few little pom-poms on the end but it's the best-perfumed plant in the Northwest, with a complex, haunting scent.

This vine is just opening. I could smell the honeysuckle-like scent in the air yesterday evening, despite the cold. The vine seems to like hanging out on the deck.


Maybe somebody knows what it is? It doesn't look like photos of honeysuckle.

Somebody's favorite year-round smell is that of dirty dishes.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The quest

One fine day when I let the chickens roam the yard, Edna the Modern Game bantam disappeared. When I rattled the treat dish, the signal that lures them back to the pen, she did not come. Had she flown over the fence, never to be seen again, like Zora? I hadn't heard a disturbance in the yard. I waited. An hour later when I shook the dish again, she emerged from the bushes making cranky squeaky noises, like a mom awakened too early saying, "Will you kids pipe down?"

I knew what she'd been up to. After locking the chickens in the pen, it was time to let out the hunting dogs.

Intrepid hound #1 didn't quite catch the idea of coursing through the undergrowth.
After the Mistress of Hounds (I've been reading English novels) cries, "Find it!" fearless hound #2 goes on the alert, listening for the faintest rustle in the wild wood.

Possibly in here.
A little deeper.
Boldly breaching the bushes with no thought of menacing wild boars.
Is the prize somewhere in the jungle? We're moving freely around the world from King Arthur's Britain (wild boars) to the jungles of Borneo where orangutans hide. It's an epic quest, worthy of post 500.

Ah ha!
The great hunter finds and consumes his prey. And totally blocks the camera.
The author hides one egg in plain sight for Alanis but has to remove it before Miro gets it. Most epic quests end with having to pick up the toys and put them away.