Thursday, August 29, 2013

Go potty!

Miro doesn't like to go outside by himself, even after breakfast in the morning when you'd think the need was urgent. I shove him outside and he sits there, staring in until he decides his utterly selfish and lazy mom would rather prepare her coffee than accompany him outside to praise him for doing his business.
I didn't mind occasionally sauntering outside during this perfect summer of fine days, mild in the morning and never scorching-hot in the afternoon, but standing on the patio while the dog sniffs around won't be so fun when it's pouring rain and I'm dressed for work.  The weather is changing now. I saw it coming last week when I took Miro for a walk at sundown. The pink and gold streaks in the sky cast a gold light over everything, from sidewalk to flowers to trees.
It's raining now. So, where am I going for my first real vacation in years? To an even rainier place--Dublin, home of great literature. Miro will stay home with my son to look after him. Like a little kid at camp, he'll go two weeks without brushing his teeth or trimming his nails or brushing his hair--a happy slob.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday slumber

Mom threatened said she was going to groom me today, but she's too tired. You can imagine how sad that makes me.

FYI, this position keeps the spine limber. A little later, I'll flop in the other direction.

Even when Mom is tired, she takes me for my walk. She says it's to keep me out of trouble, but I know the real reason. She's afraid that if she doesn't exercise, she'll gain five pounds overnight like my friend Ruby.  On this morning's walk, we found a Pacific Northwest banana.

She said banana, but it didn't smell like any banana I've ever smelled. Ick.

She liked this better, though to me it was equally boring. But ask me about those tree stumps and bushes? Wow, it's like a doggie freeway in those woods.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Splash

I don't understand these humans. They want me to swim but they keep me on that long line and they won't come in the water with me. Mom says it's slippery and she doesn't like the greeny stuff growing up from the rocks. What I really want to do is go around the fence (not in photo) to the big yard next door.