Thursday, May 21, 2009

Playing "Find It" on a Rainy Monday

We began playing Find-It with bits of kibble scattered on the floor. Then I made the game more difficult by hiding stinky treats under sheets of newspaper. Alanis proved to be more efficient than Miro at pawing away the paper to find the treats.

Sometimes Miro found something else.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Got a water-biter!

This is a big deal because none of my Airedales since the first has delighted in biting the water running from a hose. What an opportunity to get extra wet and muddy! (For both me and the dog.)

Miro discovered the hose when I carried the chicken waterer across the yard to refill it. The chicken pen is a very attractive place, as it contains yummy chicken poop that dogs are not allowed to get at. The flappy, squeaky toys that produce the poop are of secondary interest. Not only did the metal waterer come from this delightful place but also it had some of those gourmet treats on top.

You know what it's like to try to get some domestic chore done while trying to keep mini-jaws-of-death away. You hurry, you scramble to get it done as quickly as possible, you dance a jig in your attempts to keep the wanted object(s) away from the dog.

When I turned on the hose, Miro was already pepped up. Snap. He backed up a couple of paces in surprise. He launched forward. Snap snap snap. Water, water everywhere....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday afternoon playdate

With the sun out Thursday, Miro went to a friend's house to play with:

At the sight of leggy Miro, the five 8-week-old Border Terrier puppies took shelter between their human mom's feet and made growly-meowy noises like cats. After they decided Miro wanted to play with them instead of eat them, they all started running around the yard. The fuzzballs were too quick for the camera but I managed to get a couple of shots. Miro would not fit in a flower pot like these guys!