Sunday, February 14, 2010


Alanis has such a smooth gait that you could balance a teacup and saucer on her back as she moves down the street and it wouldn't even rattle--though it might slide off her fur. The smooth stride is due to her conformation but I like to think it's part of her ladylike character. Unfortunately, if I try to film her and walk and hold the leash, we get a very jiggly video with big "whoosh" sounds from the moving camera.

Miro has a funny walk, as if he's moving his hind legs stiffly. He moves better when he's trotting or running, which goes with his being a high-octane type. I was told when he was a pup that he's short in the loin; that's right in front of the top of the back leg. So, being long of leg and short of loin, he doesn't have the room to move his legs like a ballet dancer. Which is OK. Judging by the big pawslaps he likes to give, he'd rather box than dance.


  1. Ciao Alanis and Miro!

    I, Lucia, would enjoy lessons in looking charming (from Alanis!) and knocking 'em over (from Miro!) as I am all about getting attention, whether via good behavior (rare) or bad (frequent).

    La mia ragazza says I am very high octane too (note from LMR: explosive is more like it ...), and so move more gracefully when trotting than any other time. However, she says I tend to trot ever-so-slightly sideways, like a big, furry, barking crab ... heeeeeeeee...!!!

    Tanti baci!

  2. We don't DO graceful. Especially not with broken knees etc...
    We are more on Miró's side, being monsters and all...

  3. It's not how you get there - it's the fact that you do get there that counts, Miro! Mitch walks like he's on the prowl most of the time and now that I'm getting older, I scuff my feet along. No more high-stepping it for me!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. D says I walk nicely when I trott rather than walk. Same with Tess. She is a sloth when she walks but looks lovely when she trotts or runs. Willow is a stomper hehe and sometimes she marches with her front legs going out straight. Lucy is as light as a feather.

    Alanis sounds very graceful.

    Noah xx

  5. Mine are different in how they walk too. It is quite cool really how the same breed of dog can walk so different.

    Hope you have a great week! :)

  6. Mommy has been told that I have beautiful conformation as well. People comment at how nicely I carry myself, & that makes me strut all the more! I do have an overbite though, so could never show...I don't care...I think an overbite is endearing!!

    WelshieHugs, Hootie

  7. Yikes! My comment didn't show up! I THINK I said,"I walk so fast I challenge anydog to label my stride. HA!!"