Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miró and Alanis take up landscape design

They have embarked on two projects: (1) They are trying to dig a tunnel into the neighbor’s yard to get at the little white yapping dog and (2) They have decided this tree must be uprooted and moved because it is taking up too much room.

It is extremely difficult and not particularly fun to dig holes in the Pacific Northwest because you hit hard clay as soon as you get past the topsoil. Alanis and Miró have gone for wide and shallow.

 Have you ever tried to photograph a wide, shallow hole in the ground? It doesn’t make particularly interesting subject matter.

There are acceptable and unacceptable digging places. Digging plants is unacceptable, so I applied a trick I learned to halt the digging in those places. It’s not pretty or fragrant but it has worked so far. Note: don’t try this in your vegetable garden.


  1. That is one impressive hole, guys!
    We can't tell but we're guessing there's some sort of poop in that hole?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Cool trees. What is it? I don't think we have those here.

  3. Cant quite make out what you did to stop the digging. I would love to know because Noah is a prolific digger.

  4. That is a big hole.... and eeew, hope it works

  5. The hole trick requires a delicate transfer of natural resources from one area of the yard to another. I put dog poop in the holes the dogs dug!

  6. For some reason BabyRD used to want to dig around the posts holding our deck up at the cabin. I had heard about the poopy trick, so tried it and it worked. She stopped digging and our deck is still standing!! This year I'm supposed to get concrete poured there---that should be quite a surprise for the workers, eigh?!

    Hi fellow poochies!We have acres of woods to dig in at the cabin, but found it wayyyy more satisfying to dig closer to home. You should see what we did with the 3 feet of grass our folks managed to plant. BOL!!
    XXX-BabyRD & Hootie

  7. I'm not allowed to dig anymore. Too many weekend trips to the vets. SHE said she wouldn't mind if I dug stuff up, just don't eat the dirt, rocks, and sticks while I'm at it! So whats the fun in that I ask you?


    Bonnie the (not so) wee Scottie

  8. We barely did these days but we used to dig our way half way to China. These days we go to the beach and "get it out of the system". SHE say, "give us a hand" and off we go...