Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chicken dramas

Any day with a little bit of sun is called a sunny day, despite the "partly cloudy" and "partly sunny" announcements delivered by weather stations. Today was a sunny day and the chickens came out. They wandered a bit, tearing at dandelion leaves. Then Maewest spotted me, having not noticed that I was the one who opened the gate to the pen or having forgotten. She ran to the tall food dispenser (me).

Muffin saw  and immediately ran to chase her away from me just in case I was indeed carrying food.

Running chicken: a blur of action. Maewest and Bazooka dashed off together.

They went to the edge of the yard and chased each other in circles, which of course I did not capture in a video though it is the absolute truth.
Muffin went off to have a dust bath with Brangelina.
That's what passes for the afternoon soaps when you have chickens.


  1. Those are some busy kitchens.
    Sally Ann

  2. LARRY: (Reading, with difficulty) "Oh, see the pretty cat. Does the pretty cat have chickens?"

    PROFESSOR QUACKENBUSH: That's "kittens." A cat does not have chickens!

    LARRY: Oh, no? Well, I had a cat, and it got into the chicken house, and that cat had chickens!

    --Half-Wits' Holiday (The Three Stooges)

  3. Chickens always seem to have personalities of their own. Sounds like yours have a chance to have a blast in the yard though. Hopefully they are eating their share of bugs and slugs that would've been getting your garden otherwise.

  4. Those chickens look quite tastey! A little twist on what MKR commented:I could be a male Welshie having chicks!!

    Naughty Hootie. Those are very pretty birds. We like their names too.

  5. hehe, I love your chickens, they sound like they have great little characters. Definitely better entertainment than watching the tv. :)

  6. They are beautiful. Actually, their antics sound better than anything we've seen on daytime television! :)

    Have a nice weekend, dear friends.