Friday, May 27, 2011

Class clown

Anybody with an Airedale is going, "Well, duh; that's what we expect." We expect the little unexpected antic, the touch of creativity. In our monthly fun/training class, Miro has been taking his job of class clown to a new low. The class is an informal one where the trainer teaches a new topic each month. We've done nose work, agility, off-leash work and more. Different people and dogs come and go.

When we pause for the trainer to explain the next step, most dogs sit attentively beside their people or lie down in a relaxed, yet alert attitude. Miro is the only one--in this class or any other that I've seen--who does this:
He flops onto his back and grins, first at me, and then around the room because he knows everyone will chuckle. I swore to myself before class last night that I would not react, I would not so much as smile; in fact I would look down at him disapprovingly and then look away.

Didn't work. Note to self: do not attempt to bluff at poker.

"I never met a man half so true as a dog. Treat a dog right and he'll treat you right--he'll keep you company, be your friend, never ask you no questions. Cats is different, but I never held that against them."
From "An Animal Lover" in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

p.s. Problems with Blogger this week have prevented me from leaving comments on other blogs. I'll keep trying.


  1. Lol, thats a pretty great pose! My corgi mix gets all disruptive by laying down, wiggling, and making grumbling/grunting/squeaking corgi noises.

    Sounds like a lot of people are having problems with blogger and commenting the past couple days.

  2. I love it! How awesome that Miro can make you laugh. And even more awesome that he knows it! :)

  3. The only Airedales! They are always clowns. And they often embarrass her mom and her dad. But all have to laugh forever.
    Lots of love

  4. You really are a clown, Miro! Good for you for keeping them laughing!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. LOL! His brother Walle sleeps like that! Toooo funny.

  6. I love when my girl does this...especially the smiling. Cracks me up too!

  7. Thank you for my evening laugh before bed!