Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chickens are 8th graders

I speak of hens and eighth grade girls, the ones who hang out in cliques and are very slow to let in newcomers. They huddle together and giggle while the outsiders stand forlornly in their corner, wondering if they're the ones being giggled about.

Are we wearing the wrong outfits?

What did they just say?

Eventually the most self-assured girl wanders over to the newcomers, as if she doesn't really notice them even while she's checking them out.

Hmmm, they look dorky but might improve with time.

The other girls talk it over. Shall we let them join us?

We'll let them hang out nearby for a while so we can rate their coolness factor.


  1. Love the Farm! We have one too! How do you deal with snakes and all those chickens?

  2. Awwww, my heart breaks for the two outcasts. I hope they are integrated into the flock soon. My hens did the same thing to last springs newcomers. In fact, those five hens still group together somewhat away from the rest of the flock. But basically they all get along.

  3. Hello, Zbird. We're fortunate not to have any predatory or venomous snakes here in Western Washington. The biggest threat to chickens is raccoons but so far, so good.

    Like yours, Michelle, my two groups of hens are learning to get along but they'll probably remain somewhat separate. Muffin, Bran, and Edna are peaceable types, so nobody gets badly picked on. The Polish chickens, whom I gave away, were very territorial and would never have allowed newcomers.

  4. OMG, that is so true. I hope the outcasts are accepted soon...

  5. It's ruff at that age!


  6. How true that chickens behave like 8th graders! I find it amazing and sad that animals and teenagers behave in the same way towards one another. I have to wonder what your chickens are really thinking about when they are viewing each other! Hope they mingle more and get along!

  7. Was 8th grade one of the worst times to be alive?? I think I may have blotted that time from my memory. Thanks for reminding me chickies!!
    BRD's mommy,Cassie

  8. I've just noticed that
    self-assured girl is only tiny!! cus she looks frighting to me!!
    Hope she takes the other two under her wings!
    I saw some chickens the other week they had one big cockral in with them it will be on this Saturdays post.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  9. Clicky chickies! Shame on them. They should be nice.
    Sally Ann