Sunday, October 16, 2011

How much Airedale is that?

Not much. Thirty years of Airedales and I'm still very inefficient at stripping them.


  1. Wow, you could make a nice sweater ou of that, we bet! :)

  2. I think they look pretty good. I have a Wheaten Terrier he hates for me to groom his legs. So his legs always look terrible.... :)

  3. Wow, you sure got a lot of fur out. When you do the stripping, does that mean you don't have to have them clipped?

  4. hi Sherry, just came over to say hi and thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog.

    I love the chooks on your header photo.

    My husband and I don't have a dog, but we've always said we'd one day get an Airedale- they're our "dream" dog, such big cuddly beauties.
    We keep saying when we're "in-between" cats we'll get a puppy, but the cats seem to appear in our lives nose-to-tail so to speak!

    Hope to come back over again soon,
    have a good week

  5. Hi Sherri,
    Show Airedales must be fully stripped. As a pet owner, I find the best solution is a combination of stripping and clipping. Partial stripping helps get out the undercoat and old fur, preserving natural color and wiry roughness.

  6. At least you try. We pay lots of money to have her clipped! AND we stay with her during it. UGH!. But she does look pretty when all done.
    Julie, Violet

  7. Kudos to you Sherry! If mama (or aNyOne) tried to strip MY hairs, there would be hell to pay!! I can bearly put up with them combing my tender hair.

  8. That's enuff to make a pillow! After 30 years of Aire-grooming you must have hundreds of pillows!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  9. Think of dale hair you got and double it here! LOL

    Yep we are all extra hairy again..must remember we need to get some bin bags ready!

    we think they both look very smart with their new airedoos.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx