Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A visit from the evil fairy

I've about had it with the tooth fairy. Not only did she steal two of Alanis' teeth but she also took a huge bite of my money. In the old days, you'd leave a tooth under your pillow and she'd buy the little fang for half a dollar. Now she has increased her prices about 800% and reversed the charges, just because the teeth were still in Alanis' mouth. If you're thinking the exchange deal only works with baby teeth, then I say you've got an age discrimination suit on your hands. Or the tooth fairy does. If I could find her.

Not a happy camper.
Not long after I brought Alanis home a few years ago, I had her teeth cleaned; and the vet had to remove a back molar. A year ago at her check-up, her teeth were fine; but despite bones and chewies, she developed so much tartar in the past year that the other back molar had to be removed along with a tiny tooth behind the left canine. When the tartar gets up into the gum line, the tooth has to go in order to prevent gum disease. The vet suggested that Alanis just has one of those mouths that manufactures a lot of tartar.

Although she's a tiny Airedale, barely 43 lbs, I can't brush her teeth. Just trying to look into her mouth involves a wrestling match requiring two hands, with none left over for the brushing. Miro is the opposite. I've been brushing his teeth several times a week since he was a pup and he enjoys the process, even if he doesn't exactly sit still. Do you know how strong an Airedale's tongue is when you're trying to get the brush up against his teeth while he's trying to lick off all the toothpaste?

I have seen dogs sit passively while getting their teeth brushed. Passive and still, however, are not in the Airedale's vocabulary.


  1. I only have one suggestion : Elk Antlers.
    Violet LOVES her Elk Antlers and has spectacular white teeth. The last time I took her to the groomer he swiped her 1 tooth - once!

    You can get them at speciality pet stores. I haven't see them at petsmart so check other places. Oh course anything you need is on the internet. LOL.

    An elk antler is a chew toy...she chomps on it anytime.

  2. Poor Alanis, she does have an evil tooth fairy :(
    Wyatt likes the toothpaste a lot, so we just have to get him to sit still and try not to eat the brush. Stanzie hates it, but she is very sweet and will sit still.

    That tree you asked about is a Smoke Tree (Cotinus). One of our favorites!

    Wyatt's Mom

  3. I didn't think faries were supposed to be evil. Maybe its a tooth devil?

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. I agree with Kari, it sounds like the tooth 'Devil' to me too! xo

  5. We don't like our toofies brushed either, Alanis. Mom says it's a battle she never wins.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Poor Alanis & poor-er mama. So sorry she had to loose more teeth to that wicked fairy. Brushing teeth is a problem here too. BabyRD is not cooperative at all. She does like to eat the toothpaste though.
    BRD & HOotie

  7. I have an $800 mutt cat....so they are worth the same now...but Alanis is not a mutt.

    She's a very unhappy pretty girl.

  8. Poor Alanis (and poor mom's checkbook)! Darn that evil tooth fairy!

  9. My mom used to brush Penny and Poppy's teefies five days a week. They would line up in the kitchen and actually LET her brush their teeth. Me, on the other hand, do NOT like my teefies brushed! It's like trying to brush the teeth of a pirhana! I do, however like the taste of the toothpaste. Why can't she just squirt some in my mouth?


  10. Poor sweet Alanis. That tooth fairy is one mean witch. I think Alanis deserves a special treat for all her dental woes. I have tried to brush my dales teeth, but like you said, the wrestling match is not worth it. That and the fact that my dales have all been in the sixty pound range!

    Happy Halloween!

  11. I use dental wipes with Finn. They are a mint flavor, which you would think they would make bacon flavor or something, but digress. She hates it, but she lets me stick the cloth in her mouth and wipe around.