Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tired of tomatoes

Summer was short and tomato season was short, along with the tomatoes themselves. The successful plants in my garden were all cherry and grape tomatoes that came up from last year's seeds. I ate them in salads, gave the split ones to chickens and a few to the dogs--but not many because the high acid content can upset even iron-lined Airedale tummies--and added them to recipes from my new cookbook.
That's Tuscan bean stew from the book. Some of the green stuff is organic kale from the grocery store because I didn't have time to get to the market. Never again. A handful of leaves from the neighbor's poplar trees could not have been more tough and chewy.
I think even the chickens are tired of tomatoes because when I threw a handful into the pen this morning, they cocked their heads instead of rushing to eat, going, "What, those again? How about some leftover parrot food instead?"
I also turned Alanis into Fuzzdog by brushing her out. After you get an Airedale all brushed and fluffed, the first thing she does is go to the water bowl and drench her face so that she can walk away dripping from chin dreadlocks and ruining the photo op. In dog language, that's a relaxed dog, tail and ears neither high nor low, muscles loose. Standing or lying on the grooming table while a person brushes, plucks, trims and--horrors!--Dremels the toenails must be hard work.


  1. Same here with the tomatoes, we didn't get ONE ripe, regular size this year and the voles got the beets and the rabbits the kale...I gave up and let the chickens have free reign in the garden now! - I know all too well about the wet whiskers from my sisters dogs! - Have a great weekend!

  2. We still have lots of ripe tomatoes, but it is almost over with the rain and all....we love em, but the freezer is full and we ran out of jars!
    Maybe we will have time to brush the dogs now!

    Wyatt's Mom

  3. Oh you are so lucky to have all those tomatoes.

    Your bean stew looks very very tasty.

    Alanis looks lovely all brushed and fluffy. Yep nothing like a dripping beard!lol

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  4. We had some of those yellow mini-pear tomatoes too but our garden was taken apart this week so no more tomatoes till next year!
    You look beautiful all brushed out, Alanis!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Looking good, Alanis! :)

    We loved the part of your post about the chickens getting tired of the tomatoes. LOL

  6. I luv tomatoes. Tomato gravy for breakfast, bacon and tomato sandwiches for lunch, spaghetti for supper. More tomatoes!

  7. Moms not a tomato eater, but she will eat them cooked!!silly woman, just been catching up on your posts.
    Miro what a mess you made for mom, I've just told Tess she will be in big trouble if she does anything like that!! you can post any left over beer to me, that what I get in the pub!
    Thanks for your visit, and comment.
    See Yea George xxx