Thursday, March 7, 2013

The never-ending battle against anonymous posts

Alanis has a serious question.

Did Blogger's setting options change? My blog was comfortably set to reject anonymous posts while not requiring the delay of my approval or the frustration of those awful word boxes. Then spam posts from the dreaded Anonymous began to appear. I took another look at Settings and comment approval seems the only option. Does anyone use the Open I.D. requirement? How are you protecting your blogs from junk posts these days?

Miro has an opinion about anonymous posts.


  1. I never know what blogger is up to anymore. I have been forced to not accept 'Anonymous' comments and said that they can email me instead..that's all I can do. I always read my comments through my email and do get stange comments at times, but when I go to my blog and look at the comments there the stange comment doesn't show up there. So, I think there must be some sort of protection involved in not letting Anonymous comment...I hope that is what you were asking as it seems that everyone has so many different problems cropping up at times. Email about this if you want. xo

  2. We no longer accept anonymous posts. And we made it so that posts on anything over a week old has to be reviewed by us first.

    And Miro ... we have the same opinion!

  3. Sure is not fun to get those comments!
    I really don't know how you can change that.
    My blog is setting on "only comments from users with a Google account".
    I hope you find a way to avoid them!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. We get those ridiculous things too.
    Benny & Lily

  5. We do the registered user setting and we do get spam occasionally and blogger is "pretty" good about keeping up with it.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. I don't use the CAPTCHA, but I do use the approval option that allows me to restrict anoymous postings, too. For a while I didn't restrict the anoymous postings, even while I had approvals and I was getting so much SPAM. I adjusted my settings and its been much better.

  7. I did use word verification for a long time but changed to open ID last year and so far have not had any dubious posts, fingers crossed.

  8. Thanks, everybody. Maybe your different options will help others, too. The "no anonymous posts" option used to work really well; I hope the problem was just a temporary glitch and I can go back to that setting. Meanwhile, I've turned into a moderator!

  9. It's funny how a word in your blog post can trigger anonymous comments. We talked once about getting a new roof and we received all these comments about roofing materials. Or the time we blogged about fortune telling...what crazy anonymous comments that brought on. As long as they end up in spam, we don't care and just delete!

    Wyatt's mom