Sunday, January 25, 2009


I put Alanis in the grooming table this afternoon for a bit of toenail trimming and coat stripping. The grooming table sits in the living room where there's so little light that I work more by feel than sight. (Chalk up another reason to hate winter.) I tried rigging up a desk lamp to see her feet in order to Dremel the toenails. Then I had to scootch the table closer to the outlet, with the poor dog clinging like someone on a tossing ship. That was only close enough to do the front feet. The back feet will have to wait, not that Alanis minds.

She has lots and lots and lots of fur, a coat much denser than my other Airedales had. I brushed and combed and stripped and voila! I had filled only a third of a bag with fur and she looked exactly the same as she had when we started.

She gave me The Horse Look: the turned head, the rolled eyes showing an edge of white, the ears down. "You're torturing me but I'll accept it patiently because I am a good and humble dog. By the way, it has been an entire two minutes since you last gave me a treat for my excellent behavior and I need another to give me the strength to keep standing here." Like I could refuse.


  1. You are a good girl for putting up with the dremel, Alanis! Mom bought us one hoping that it would be THE answer! Yea, right, mom!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. You are such a good girl, Alanis! Penny and I are very good on the grooming table, but Patches is another story! Her former people must not have ever groomed her! She has been groomed twice, since she has been with us and neither groomer could finish the job. We're hoping the next one will get it done properly!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  3. Alanis, you are a good girl standing on the groomng table and allowing your hooman to brush and strip you.

    One thing we would say though...... YOU WAIT 2 MINUTES FOR A TREAT! May we respectfully suggest you roll your eyes every minute!!

    Molly and Taffy :-)