Saturday, January 23, 2010

A training breakthrough!

Not MirĂ³’s breakthrough but mine. It’s an ongoing struggle to keep his attention when we see another dog or some crows on the ground or a squ****l when we’re on a walk. Instead of “no pull” or even the “look” command, I say, “Touch.” He has to turn his attention from the object of interest to touch his nose to the palm of my left hand which is down by my side. I laugh and he gets a treat.

We learned “touch” in beginning obedience as a way to start teaching a dog to heel off leash. You can also put your hand against the wall or door knob (like I’d want to teach him to open a door). The problem is that I never learned what comes next. For instance, what if I want him to put a nice, snoolly nose print on the window instead of my hand, how do I teach that?


  1. That's so funny! We can hardly believe he'll do that. Mommy wishes we could,but we try to stay as far away from obedience as possible. Sit,stay,shake,down and the newest 2: roll over(for Hootie) & bang-bang (for me) are all we'll do...and then not always!HA!
    XXX-BabyRD and Hootie

  2. You need to TEACH him how to put a nose print on the window? My Mummy gets that for free!
    Nelly xx

  3. We are master nose print artists! We do it on ALL windows, mirrors, etc., for free! No prompting required! You're doing a great job, Miro! You're already waaaay ahead of US!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  4. We think, if anyone needs to be taught, it's the pinkies: Appreciation for window Aireart.